Nzeve Stories


Deaf children miss out on many opportunites for incidental learning.  We have found the children at Nzeve learn well when they experience things themselves. That means working out things they have not experienced and taking them to the activity and it can be great fun for everyone involved!

It's Winter in Zimbabwe. We never realised how cold it could get in Africa when we arrived here 30 years ago....... The temperature in the morning can be as low as 5 degrees Celsius.

Children come to preschool with hats, gloves and tracksuits, looking like they are ready for snow!

The childrn came on one of their favourite outings this week - a bath in the tub!  Many of the children wash in a bucket of cold water and have never had a hot bath. Four boys in one bathroom and four girls in the other, they sat there and washed each others backs!  By the time they got out the water was thick with soap.

As we left they noticed the swimming pool in the garden. "We want to swim" they signed.  "But it's too cold," I told them. The only way I could convince them was to allow them to plunge their hands in the water in the garden pool.  That's when they realised I was telling the truth!  The water gets cold with the low night time temperatures and we will not swim again till September.